9 things to know Noida Supertech twin towers

The third tallest buildings in the world may soon be gone as they are being demolished

One building stands at an altitude of 103 meters while another is 97 meters tall!

1. More than 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village have been safely evacuated to a nearby gym by 7 am on Sunday morning

2. The 2,700 vehicles belonging them also seem like a large number for this type of situation but it is likely that most people will be taking away

3. The structure of these buildings made them extremely difficult and challenging for this group, which includes experts from Edifice Engineering as well South Africa based Jet Demolitions

4. Imploding the building will be executed using more than 3,700 kg of explosives and 9400 holes drilled in columns or sheers

5. In addition, steel plates and 1,400 truck tyres have also been placed near two residential buildings - Aster 2 and 3- that are closest

6. The blast will produce a sound volume close to 150-200 decibels.

7. The final button will be pressed by an elite team of six, stationed 250 meters from the twin towers.

8. the demolition is expected to generate over 80,000 metric tonnes of waste, out of which 50,000 metric tonnes

9. Edifice Engineering, the company responsible for demolition, will transport the debris to the plant