19-kg cylinders get cheaper by up to ₹100. Check latest rates here

The State-owned fuel retailers announced a price reduction of up to 100 Rupees for commercial liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

The oil marketing companies have slash prices of LPG cylinders for commercial use.

The price reduction comes into effect from today, September 1st 2022 and will lower the cost per cylinder by nearly Rs 100!

The price of commercial gas cylinders in three important cities has decreased

Delhi residents can now purchase a 19-kg LPG cylinder for Rs 1,885 

instead compared with earlier prices when it cost about twice as much!

In Kolkata, the price of commercial cylinders has dropped to around Rs 1.844 per cylinder

we see an increase by about 10 paise each time; now they will be costing more than before at 2150Rs &2101 respectively .

The cost of domestic LPG cylinders hasn't changed, though it's only a matter time

 The oil marketing companies change prices for fuel supply every two weeks according to market conditions

since India is currently experiencing an inflationary surge this has led OMCs in changing rates once again