BPSC 67th prelims to be held in a single shift on September 21

The Bihar Public Service Commission will conduct the 67th preliminary test on a single day following an old examination pattern, said officials familiar with matter Thursday.

The Bihar government has decided to hold a single-session preliminary examination in all districts instead of 2 sessions as before

The new exam pattern will be similar with previous ones but there are some changes 

which have been made recently because it was not possible previously due lack space,

time or both so now we can do this easily by coordinating closely between magistrates

who control additional centres where tests could take place smoothly without any issues whatsoever!

earlier today, thousands of students protestors took to the streets in Patna demanding that these new changes be withdrawn by their government.

The demonstration quickly turned violent as police officers enforceiously kettle them down with lathi-charges and many injuries

were reported from both sides - though it's unclear how many people got hurt

The abbreviation for Board of Revenue Special Additional Sessions (BRS) is also visible on the examination form.