Campa cola return to india in diwali by reliance

Social media was all a buzz since reports of the buy-out broke on Wednesday, riding nostalgia factor

People couldn't help but comment with how Campa Cola could make its way back into serious consideration for consumers!

Days after announcing its ambitions to enter the FMCG space

Reliance Industries has reportedly acquired homegrown soft drink brand Campa-Cola for Rs 22 crore

The energy telecom behemoth is planning on launching this new avatar in October 2016

Reliance Industries, a company that is known for its various successful ventures such as oil production

and refining companies has recently acquired one of India's most trusted brands--Campa-Cola.

This purchase was made possible thanks to the efforts put in by Pure Drinks Group who were bought out

after four decades manufacturing soft drinks with an aim on launching them again under another moniker this October!

Coca-Cola, which has been distributed in India since 1949 by the same Pure Drinks Group before exiting country again