Centre blocks 7 Indian, 1 Pakistani YouTube channels for promoting ‘fake anti-India content’

The Indian government has got YouTube to block access eight channels-- seven Indian and one run from Pakistan

These actions are taking place under emergency powers granted earlier this year with IT Rules 2021,

which allows them temporarily take down Facebook accounts as well if they contain fake content dangerous towards national security or public order .

With an average of over 85 lakh subscribers and a cumulative viewership in excess of 114 crore people, the blocks had been a huge success.

YouTube is a popular platform for videos, and one of the more recent additions to this list has been India. The YouTube channels that were blocked include Loktantra TV with 12 million subscribers

U&V television at 10 twenty lakh respectively; AM Razvi's 95 900 total followers make him/her also among world wide top 100 media personalities

The ministry shared some images of the thumbnails or cover pages for videos found on YouTube which appear to be promotes military related content.

They used fake and sensational headlines, photos from news anchors' Twitter accounts as well logos associated with certain TV News channels

Mishandled data has major consequences  It can jeopardize private information (like credit card numbers), cause financial loss due process challenges

 affect recruiting efforts by giving off false impressions about community attitudes toward service members’ jobs/roles