Check Out FD Interest Rates For SBI, BOB, and PNB

The fixed deposit rates of State Bank Of India (SBI), Bank Of Baroda and Punjab National bank are all the same

 This is great news for those who want to invest their money in long term projects with low risk

The best part? You don't have take any extra steps because these three institutions offer absolutely identical terms

no matter which one it's drawn from or how much interest has been paid on your account so far

State Bank of India (SBI) has hiked the fixed deposit interest rates by 15 basis points 

with effect from August 13, 2022 for accounts below Rs 2 crore

With this change many Senior citizens will be able to enjoy higher returns on their savings as well as other advantages

that come along with it unlike before where they were not being offered any special deals or discounts just because you're a senior citizen

The following table shows the different interest rates for a variety of maturities

Senior citizens can find higher returns when investing in bonds, but it is important to note that these investments