Cuttputlli movie review: Akshay Kumar film

The film’s plot is about a man who has been refused leave to visit his dying mother. 

The story line follows him as he tries various methods for getting this wish granted

but nothing works out well in the end because there are some twists and turns along with it 

all which make things too interesting - leading us away from any kind of emotional involvement or connection felt by viewers

When two characters in a film - such as thieves about to be caught by police for their crimes

discuss how one can hear what's going on around them with the help of an earpiece

 it becomes clear that this device will play an important part throughout.

 If you're thinking "Is there anything new under the sun?" then aren't alone!

When a teenage schoolgirl's horribly mutilated body is found on the bench of an abandoned playground, no one can believe that there could be more victims

But two days later when another girl in same age group goes missing from neighboring town Kasauli and then comes back dead after being brutalized similarly