Difference Between Monkeypox & Chickenpox

he difference between monkeypox and chicken pox is simple. If you have a fever,

your skin will be covered in bumps that are red or brown Passionate about health? Here's everything to know for those who want the facts!

The most talked about diseases in recent times are Monkeypox and Chicken Pox. The reason for this? The May 2022 outbreaks of both

along with Small pox have shifted focus onto them completely! In today's article we will discuss some differences between these viruses

so you can better understand what they do or don't mean if your child comes down sick with one versus another 

The nurse will show you how to protect yourself from contagious diseases

The best way is by always following preventive measures and avoiding contact with those who are sick,

which includes paying attention when family members or friends say they're feeling ill so as not spread germs around your home

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