Ex-Bigg Boss girl flaunts tattoo on her chest

The tattoo on Divi's chest is what really stands out about her

 It seems like an odd place to put such a bold statement

 but it somehow works well with the rest of her aesthetic

-a little bit edgy and rebellious without being trashy or sleazy in any way!

Divya is seen in a sleeveless floral midi dress, sitting on the car's trunk and flaunting her hot curves.

She oozes s…iness as she sits there with one leg hanging out of visible from behind closed doors

especially since it seems like no matter where you go people are watching what happens next

Divi Vadthya made a few appearances in Telugu movies before stepping into the Bigg Boss house

Rising up high as one of our most loved competitors this past season on "Bigg Boss India," we see you've been eliminated after fighting hard against all odds 

just outside your home country - Andhere's why some things never change