Gold rate in India decreases by Rs 280 for 24 carat and 22 carat

Gold prices in India declined on Saturday, with the price of 24-carat gold decreasing by 2% and 22 karat dropping 3%

As of now it cost  Rs 51 800 for ten grams worth 100 mithqals each while there's a discount offer available

where you can buy them at 47 450 if they are 10gms rather than 1250 gvre which is normal rate

The price of gold fluctuated in different metro cities today. In Chennai,24 carat (10 grams) is priced at 52 285 Indian rupees while 22 karats will be cost 47 927 INR a slight increase over yesterday's rate

This recent change follows an upward trend seen since March 2019 when the prices were below 50k IDRs per 10g gram

for most weights except 42cts that has not increased significantly despite experiencing high levels during certain periods within this time frame

In the national capital of Delhi, gold rates for 24 carat (10 grams) and 22k purity is Rs 52 310. 

 In Kolkata it costs about 50 000 while Mumbai buyers will need to offer more than that at 57 800 Rupees per ten gram amount purchased

The gold price has remained the same for 24 carat (10 grams) and 22 carat (10 grams) in the last 24 hours