Google to pay Rs 25 lakh to find bugs in open source

Google is all about exploring new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of technology

Their latest bug bounty programme, which was announced last month in March 2019 for $20k-$91 337

aims to reward researchers who find security holes within Google’s open source projects like Linux kernel

This time around when they launch this program again with different rewards

depending upon what kind vulnerability you can pull off; someone could walk away with up tp 31K

The open source vulnerability rewards program (VRP) is an extension of the existing Google VRP

Under this new system, researchers who find bugs in some very sensitive projects will be rewarded more heavily 

than others with higher payouts for things like Bazel or AngularJS

. Researchers can also request " unusual" tasks if they want something less common but still exciting!

Google is a company known for its commitment to open-source software. It's recent increase in involvement with projects has been particularly notable