Crypto nomads move back to big cities as market turns bearish

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been hit hard by the recent pandemic and crash in prices, but there is still hope for those who want to live a digital life on their own terms.

The crypto entrepreneur is back in London, working out of hotel lobbies.

Gone is the gentle sea breeze and replaced by a wavey hum as air conditioners try their best to keep this summer’s unusually warm weather at bay

The crypto community is a colorful and innovative bunch, with the nomadic lifestyle being an especially well-suited environment for those seeking digital innovation. 

However as prices crashed recently it has become less practical to live this way - though I'm sure you'll find ways

London's population was growing at a steady rate of 4% per year, but this increased in July 2022 after two years with no growth

Offices have started to see workers return and although not back into pre-pandemic levels yet 60% or more are working again

 which is an encouraging sign for Londoners that they will be able make their city whole oncemore!