Indian-born Laxman Narasimhan is new CEO of Starbucks

The new head of Amazon's global public policy is set to take over from London in April

Tanla Platforms to consider share buyback next week

The company has not yet announced when or where he will be located, but it was revealed this week that Bruce Shultz

 who currently serves as senior advisor and head consultant on regulatory issues for Europe & Asia-Pacific region

at HQ2 headquarters (Seattle) – will work closely with Scott until then."

He becomes only the third Indian-descent leader of a US company to lead one its top global brands

after Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Alphabet’sSundar Pichai who currently hold those posts respectively in their respective companies

The move comes at an interesting time when there are increased amounts being made by major international firms/agencies

Chronicled Under His leadership , especially considering how many Desis have come

Starbucks has been working on a plan to remodel their stores, upgrade equipment and give employees more appreciation

They announced $1 billion in investments for wages last fall as well as adding another 200 million dollars just this May