Instagram updates sensitive content filters for teens

Instagram is making changes to its sensitive content filters, and they've changed the existing labels from "More," 'Standard', & “Less

The new default setting for users under 16 years old will be set at “standard”

 but that might not always work in your favor because of how Instagram was previously set up.

Instagram is rolling out new features that will make it harder for teens to view potentially sensitive content

From now on, the sensitivity filter has been set higher than what's allowed below 16 years old--including in Explore page searches

 and feeds where they can find things like rated X videos or pictures from other users who have tags mentioning suicide encouragement as well any hashtags related

We appreciate Instagram taking this step towards protecting our young audience by making sure no one under age seventeen accesses harmful material online!

A few months ago (like last year), Instagram introduced Age Verification which forces people who sign-up on this platform provide identification proving their age 

If you're concerned about sensitive content on Instagram, like if it's a problem for your business or personal account 

and want to make adjustments then head over the Sensitive Content Control.