₹ 5,000 Fine For India-Pak Match Watch

With friction recently high between India and Pakistan, NIT Srinagar has requested its students not to watch Sunday's Asia Cup match

It seems that this request is an effort by the institute—which faces potential threats due south across open fields

The students were directed by the administration not to allow other individuals into their rooms during Sunday's match

 They must remain in an allotted location at all times, and if they see anyone entering without permission from either party involved with watching sports on TV

The students who are watching the match in a particular room will be prohibited from staying at NIT hostels and fined ₹ 5,000 each

They must also avoid posting anything related to this event online including on social media platforms

 where it can easily get out of hand with others egging them on through encouragement

Furthermore if any student leaves his/her bedroom during an unaccompanied game then he'll face arrest by police as well!

Clashes broke out at the institute between locals and outstation students following India’s defeat to West Indies in T-20

leading to a closure of NIT for days.