Kapil Sharma, Deepika Padukone & Many Other in Mega Blockbuster

he internet has been ablaze with talk of a new project since Thursday evening.

Multiple celebrities from different industries have taken to social media sharing posters for what many are calling "The Mega Blockbuster Collaboration."

The list of celebrities collaborating for this project is quite impressive

Names such as Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, captain of Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma and the superstar comedian Kapil Sharma

have announced their involvement in it! There's also South Indian actors like Karthi 

who will be lending their voice along with other big names including But what really makes them stand out

The internet went crazy when India's captain, Rohit Sharma posted an image on Instagram

 In the screenshot that was taken from video footage where he is seen standing in front of house mortgages wearing a common man 

The anticipation for this project has been building since the posters were released. 

There's just no telling what kind of celebrities will be involved or how high their reunion could go on ratings