LIC Policy: Invest Rs 238 daily and get over Rs 54 lakh return

LIC's Jeevan Labh is another great option for those who want to save and invest without paying too much in premiums.

This plan offers high returns with low-to middle income groups, as it has no linked or hybrid features that can sometimes come at higher costs when compared against traditional life insurance policies!

In Jeevan Labh, the minimum age for admission is 8 years and can go up to 59. The maximum period of stay in this system has been restricted at 54 or 50 respectively 

with a term limit of 21/25 years on policies; 2 lakhs as assured fund sum must be maintained by all applicants while they're alive before interest begins earning addition profits

over time which means an unlimited fundamental amount will always remain available within these guidelines 

regardless if there's any defaulting activity taking place during that particular applicant

A policyholder can choose from paying the premium in a minimum monthly installment of at least Rs 5,000

making quarterly payments with a total deposit cost between 15K - 25k and 50 K+. In addition they may also receive death benefit payments if you're still alive when your contract matures!