LIC Saral Pension Yojana: Pay single premium, get every month Rs 50,000 for a lifetime

LIC saral pension yojana will benefit you to get regular income after the age of 40

The minimum age limit of 40 years and maximum age limit of 80 years.

this policy will benefit to those who want to save in single shot and want to get regular income after retirement.

In this policy you have to pay premium once only and then you will get regular income monthly.

but here is a trick once you take policy then you will get fix amount of salary.

there are two categories- single life- policy will remain in the same of policyholder.

in this situation you can not transfer it to other person.

In second type, joint life both the spouce have coverage. as long as primary holder is alive

after his death the base premium amount will be handed over to nominee.