Lulu Group Plans to Start 12 Malls in Noida, Gurugram, Chennai, Bengaluru

The Lulu Group is set to launch 12 new mall projects in Kerala within the next three years, with more being planned 

 The company's director Shibu Philips said that they expect these investments will create great job opportunities

Lulu Group, a mall developer with five operational malls in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram is planning to launch 12 more over the next three years

The company announced their expansion plan at an event held on Saturday where they revealed plans for six million square feet 

Lulugroups director said that his firm has seen great success since beginning operations ten years ago

now due largely because it operates many different types or stores which are tailored towards individual customer needs

 We will add another 2 million sq ft leasable area and a million at Chennai which is half of what was initially planned

 This would total 4 5 = 10 000 square meter retail space over four years with Pragyaraj 

also coming on board they could potentially provide up to 15 thousand more meters