Modi Govt scheme: Guaranteed Rs 9250/month pension

The government is offering a great opportunity for senior citizens to subscribe and enjoy the benefits of an affordable retirement plan

Senior citizens can purchase this insurance from LIC, which will provide them monthly or quarterly payments after they pay up until 15 lakhs as initial deposit!

What are you waiting for? Don't let the opportunity of a lifetime slip away! Find out how much money can be yours in just one year with PMVVY.

The time is now or never when it comes down to sign up before 2019 rolls over into 2020 - there will no longer be an offer available after March 31st

so make sure your decision has been made quickly and get on board today!.  With great benefits like increased Old Age Security payments (OAS

 plus guaranteed income during retirement years through regular payouts from our bond fund packages; we've got everything

Senior citizens of India can purchase the Senior citizen's mobile vehicle loan (PMVVY) scheme

There is no upper age limit for purchasing this product, and it may be purchased at any time during one’s 60+ year life span!

The term of this scheme for senior citizens is 10 years. Pension under PMVVY can be paid on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or yearly basis