Paytm on track to become profitable next year stock will be 2X

Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma was questioned about the company's depressed stock price, when it will reach his issue price of ₹2,150

 if he thinks that this is a good time to buy shares in Pay mercenary

Mana revealed on Friday morning they were receiving an increasing number queries regarding their plunge towards belowworms due largely 

 because there has been little growth recently despite massive infrastructure spends which are intended partly as positive signals ahead

The management of Paytm, one of India’s most valuable startups with a market capitalization over $60 billion dollars announced that they have no plans to expand internationally

They also repeated an earlier statement saying there is still time before September this year when operationally profitable will be achieved for 2023rd quarter

ending Cash profits are coming back after two years but not enough yet according what our executives tell us here today at shareholder meeting

The Paytm business model is good but the share price has not yet caught up to what it was prior IPOs, said Manjit Singh. 

 Another shareholder pointed out that there are many questions about employee retention rates and timelines for break even point in time

these details will be important when evaluating this company's growth potentials as well as risks involved with investing now or later on down the line