PM Modi inaugurates Amrita Hospital in Faridabad

The hospital is set to be one of the largest in India with 2,600 beds and 534 ICUs. It's got 81 different speciality departments too!

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inaugurated a hospital in Haryana’s Faridabad on Wednesday

The new facility will be able to provide cutting-edge healthcare with its centralised fully automated laboratory

 other high tech equipment that is already changing how we diagnose disease across NCR regions including Delhi!

That is when religious leaders and spiritual gurus of the society came together to ask people not pay heed these words

The effect was immediate; we did not face such as vaccine hesitancy in other nations like before where many would die due their lack or fear towards medicine 

From Red Fort's ramparts I had placed a vision - five vows--of Amrit Kaal front-facing toward nation

One being complete renunciation mentality slavery/ servitude

which has lead our direction changes now visible healthcare system growing faith traditional knowledge yoga ayurveda global acceptance celebrating International Millet Year next year.

It is to be equipped with 81 speciality departments, along with 64 state-of-the-art Operation Theatres