PVR shareholders to mull Inox merger on Oct 11

investors were meeting over video conferencing to clear that now there is no issue in their merger easily.

Multiplex operatos invited meeting on 11 october to find approval of merger

both companies said that they receivd approval from NSE and BSE for their merger

experts said that this 10 billion dollar merger will be threat to competitors

now there is a buzz of merging Zee and Sony now

Zee had received approval from NSE and BSE for merger.

last year both compaines had signed definitive aggrement.

and transaction between the companies will create second largest entertainment network in india after Disney and hotstar

and merger between PVR and Inox will now become network of more than 1500 screens in the country to grab new opportunities in tier 2 and 3

and new name of the company will be PVR INOX ltd with new branding