Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Movie Review

Director Gireesaaya's use of tired cliches is both unnecessary and boring in the film

The post-intermission sequences require much more patience on behalf of viewers to sit through them as well

The story is a familiar one—a boy meets girl, they fall in love and all of their problems come along with it

 This time around though there are some new wrinkles including an affair between the main characters which proved quite problematic

 for them both at first until eventually finding happiness together towards toward its endgame scene

where everything seemed perfect once again but not too long afterwards another divorce

was announced due to extramarital affairs on behalf side #1; something many people might find hard

The film follows Rishi and Radha, who were born on the same day but come from opposing families

They avoid each other at all costs due to their egos which makes it difficult for them both how they feel about one another

even though everyone can see where things are going between these two characters!