Ranveer Singh invests crores in Sugar Cosmetics

In recent times, Bollywood stars have been getting into the startup scene

 From Deepika Padukone to Virat Kohli many famous celebrities and cricketers alike are investing their time in startups

The cult favorite SUGAR Cosmetics has just announced their newest investor- Ranveer Singh

The Bollywood superstar will be working with one of India's fastest growing beauty brands to capture more fans from both Gen Z

This partnership is expected create new pathways for customer acquisition

especially among young people in the country who love him as much or even higher than other actors

The journey of SUGAR Cosmetics started off as a D2C brand in 2015 that quickly ventures

The company has been growing rapidly since then, and now they have 45000+ retail touch points across 550 cities

 With an extensive portfolio for high-quality products which resonates well among consumers; loyal customer base

through effective use new age content marketing techniques like emotional connections made between customers who share similar interests or passions

the variety is endless when it comes down how we can connect our lives together