RBI lifts restrictions on American Express

The banks were required to report compliance with RBI and submit an audit conducted by CERT-In empanelled within the specified timelines.

The Reserve Bank of India has relaxe restrictions on American Express banking

allowed onboarding new domestic customers card network. The central bank had imposed curbs for being non-compliant 

with the directions about Storage Of Payment System Data effective May 1, 2021

 but now they are lifting these limitations to improve services again

Indian financial institutions have been allowed by the Reserve Bank of India to once again accept credit card payments

This decision was made with effect from May 2021, and it's due in large part

because they are now compliant enough when dealing locally here within our country’s borders

though there is always some sort requirement that needs met before an institution can operate accordingly

uch as complying strictly adhering all local norms/standards set out upon them so forth