Reliance acquire 79.4% ownership in SenseHawk US company in 32 mn dollar

Sensehawk was founded in 2018 in california and it is software development based management tools

RIL today clarifies company had agreements with sensehawk in 32 million dollar

sensehawk company is working to make tools for the solar energy generation industry.

they provide complete solution from planning to production by helping their clients to simplify process.

sensehawk company had 2,326,369 dollar in financial year 2022

mukesh ambani had interest in petrochemicl and retails and 60% of reliance revenue generationg from oil refining.

therefore reliance is pivoting to green energy because they know that is the future

in their latest AGM company announced giga factory for power electronics

RIL will be investing 80 billion dollar over next 10-15 years.

RIL began work on the four Giga-factories at Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy