Rupee Hits 4-Week Intra-day Low As Dollar Reigns

The value of the Indian rupee fell on Monday as traders wait to see where US currency will go next.

The Indian rupee has been steadily slipping against its American counterpart, with inflation still high and no sign of it slowing down.

There have been commitments from across Asia to keep raising interest rates even at the risk for economic growth 

which could lead investors back into dollars again as they look out over potential gains rather than risks

The rupee has been sliding over the last few days, and it looked like things would get worse on Monday

 when policymakers from Asia to Europe said they wanted low inflation too. But then America chimed in with their support for higher rates

even if that means slowing down growth temporarily - which could lead us out of this economic crisis faster than expected!

At the interbank foreign exchange market, it was reported that local currency opened weak at 79.90

and moved in a range of 79-isode to 84 translator dollars during session; finally settling flat against US dollar