SGS Technologies IPO GMP has surged

The market for SGS Technologies' IPO has seen an unusual surge in prices, with shares jumping from ₹20 to nearly 59 rupees within just seven days.

This is said by some traders and investors who are watching closely as they hope this will mean better returns on their investments soon enough!

The attention of investors has turned to the upcoming IPO date for Syrma SGS Technologies Ltd, which is most likely on 23rd August 2022.

Ahead of this important milestone in their history, shares are available at an premiums between ₹59 per equity share

they can be purchased through a grey market transaction if you're looking to get your hands early before anyone else does!

Primary markets have been coming back to life this year with the IPO of Syrma SGS Technology receiving bids worth 32 times its shares offered

The last public issue closed in May 2022, and now more companies are firming up their plans for an offering

 that will soon be open again-Dreamfolks Services' upcoming debut on Wednesday August 24th!

The highly anticipated GMP IPO by SGS Technologies was finally launched today and it closed at ₹59, which is considered a good sign for investors.