The Lord of The Rings The Rings of Power review

The Rings of Power is a prequel series that explore how Middle-Earth came to be

and it's awesome! You get the opportunity see your favorite places from LOTR in an unfamiliar

form while still being able participate on another level entirely by solving mysteries with every new tidbit revealed

The Rings of Power is a game that tries to be friendly and educational, despite its daunting challenge

it offers short lessons on the source material so new players can get up-to speed with what they're experiencing

while also providing more veteran collectors some nostalgia for old times but you'll often feel overwhelmed

 by how much there already was in this world without being told all at once because sometimes these tutorials are too brief 

or don't answer questions completely which leaves room left over from confusion as well

Galadriel is at once an example of how to make a compelling character and one-of the best characters

but it quickly evolves into something more complex than what was initially seen