The Mars rover Perseverance has discovered rocks on Mars

The Mars rover Perseverance has discovered rocks on the Red Planet similar to those that give Hawaiian beaches their green tone

The igneous minerals were spotted in Jezero, a 28-mile (45 km) wide crater with an ancient lake

thought by some scientists as home for sustenance of life candidate?",

The red rocks of Mars are not just a result from its environment, but also contain iron

which has been oxidized and turns reddish in color

It's similar to how any object on Earth becomes rusty after being left out too long unprotected by rain or snow

however there is one major difference - these minerals only form under specific conditions

The Jezero Crater holds some interesting surprises for scientists who study both planets alike

 it contains strongly bonded silica-based igneous rock types that can't be found anywhere else

Mars is believed to be 4.6 billion years old, and fortunately