These 13 Indian cities will get 5G services first

The rollout of high-speed 5G services in India would start by October this year, 

Union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said on Thursday. "Telecom companies are busy laying infrastructure

and these new networks should be launched with great fanfare," he told news agency PTI.

After a few months to iron out any wrinkles in their system, they plan on scaling up production at an aggressive pace

which will make them available for customers across the country starting around November time period."

The race to provide the fastest internet in India has been won by Reliance Jio, with Bharti Airtel second

5G services will initially only be provided on a pilot basis but later expanded throughout different areas of country

In April 2020 when 4g started rolling out there were many concerns about whether or not 

this new technology would work properly since no one had ever seen anything like what we call mobile broadband today back then

But thankfully those worries didn’t materialize due