Top 12 Crypto Facebook Groups to Join in 2022

 In the next 12 months, you could receive a big payday from these coins that have been on an upward trajectory lately

12. Cryptocurrency News 2022

tis group majorly focuss on latest trending news on crypto

11. Cryptocurrency Academy

this group shares learning abou latest crypto currency

10. Captain Altcoin – Cryptocurrency Community

in this group people share their ideas about crypto currency

9. Bitcoin

here people share latest information on bitcoin only

8. Crypto Warriors

group that provides news and up-to-date information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies

7. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club

new bitcoin investors will be helpful from this group

6. Cryptocurrency Investing

this group is helpful for serious crypto investors

5. Crypto Arena

here you will connect with investors globally

4. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mastermind

this is invite only group so restricted so that scammers avoid this

3. Helium

here you get latest events,facts and news about crypto

2. Solana

you will learn about DeFi, metverse and NFT games over here

1. Ehtereum group

this group shares great investors knowledge and ethereum ecosystem over here