Who is Anna Mani, the woman on Google’s Doodle

Google has paid homage to one of India's first female scientists, Anna Modayil Mani

She was born in 1918 and hail from Kerala where she became very interested with reading books which led her passion for science over mundane life 

Google celebrates this Pioneer by honoring their work through interactive doodles on google .com

India is a country that has been impacted by weather change since time immemorial, but it wasn't until the work of Anna Mani.

This female scientist Popularly known as 'Weather Woman Of India' broke down barriers and laid groundworks for India

to harness renewable energy through accurate forecasts about what types might happen when coupled with other factors like seasonal changes or different pressures in height above sea level

 which affect how much moisture there will be available etc.. She plays an integral role within her field allowing them not just predict where rainwater could go instead

giving you ample warning so people can prepare themselves accordingly

The Government also gives away Anna Mani award for woman scientist.