Kerala Lottery Pick 3

Kerala Lottery Pick 3

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2024, ⚐ Kerala State, India


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In this game, players choose a combination of three numbers from 000 to 999. The draw is conducted daily, and the winning combination is selected through a random draw.


  • Kerala Lottery Pick 3, also known as Daily Pick 3 Kerala Lottery, is a popular lottery game in the Indian state of Kerala.The Pick 3 game is part of the Kerala State Lotteries’ wide range of games. This government-run organization started in 1967. Pick 3 is popular for its simplicity and fast results, making it a favorite among local lottery fans.

Drawing Schedule


Draw dates & time in India
Daily draws every 4 minutes

Kerala Lottery Pick 3




Where to Play With the Best Kerala Lottery Pick 3 Ticket Price in India?

Lotto 999 stands out as the first platform to offer the Kerala Lottery Pick 3. This makes it unique in the market. With a fixed ticket price of ₹(5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000), it provides a level playing field for all participants. The game, similar to Keno, has fast-paced draws every 4 minutes for 17 hours each day. Players have the chance to win up to ₹3.5 crore in each session. For Indian enthusiasts looking for a safe way to join this lottery, the link in the table is a trustworthy option.

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In this fast-paced era, who doesn't appreciate a swift website? The platform's loading speed is top-notch, ensuring a smooth betting experience.

How to Play Kerala Lottery Pick 3 Online From India?

Step 1: Choose Your Betting Option

Play Kerala Lottery Pick 3 steps
Play Kerala Lottery Pick 3 steps

Step 2: Select Your Bet Amount

Kerala Lottery Pick 3 Result
Kerala Lottery Pick 3 Result

Step 3: Wait for the Results

Friendly Reminder : If you win, the prize money will be automatically credited to your account. Make sure to check your account balance after the draw to see if you’ve won!

How to Win? Game Rules

  • Guess the Number: Predict the exact three-digit number that will be drawn.
  • Guess the Size: Predict whether the sum of the three digits will be “Big” (over 14) or “Small” (under 14).
  • Odd or Even: Predict whether the sum of the three digits will be odd or even.
  • Three Same: Predict that three numbers are exactly the same

Kerala Lottery Pick 3 – Prizes & Odds of Winning

Guess the Number5~10006~150150000
Guess the Size5~10001.951950
Odd or Even5~10001.951950
Three identical5~100024~150150000


Indeed, Lotto999 is based outside of India, thus exempting it from the country’s gambling and lottery regulations. Players can bet on Kerala Lottery Pick 3 without worrying about legal issues. They can easily withdraw their winnings to their local bank accounts.

Lotto999 will notify you, but you can check the results of your purchases at any time on the site’s history.

Kerala Lottery Pick 3, boasting a history of over three years, conducts draws every 4 minutes daily. Since many players are from India, it’s likely that there have been Indian winners in the game. However, the website maintains confidentiality regarding the specifics of these winners.

After each draw, you can find the results on the Lotto999 website or in the “History” section of the app.

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