Pros / Cons

  • Offering interfaces in both Hindi and English
  • Provide Demo
  • Attractive Promotions
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Support for Local Currency
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Limited Game Selection
  • Customer Service Could Be Better

As a seasoned online lottery player and critic in India, I always approach new platforms with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. Today, I’m reviewing a platform that excels in online lottery areas but also has room for improvement.


Lotto 999-In short
  • his new online lottery platform in India impresses with its fast loading speed, secure environment, bilingual interface, and attractive promotions. It also offers a user-friendly experience, supports local currency, and provides quick withdrawals. However, it falls short in terms of game variety and payment options, and its customer service could be more comprehensive. Despite these drawbacks, it’s a promising platform with potential for growth and improvement.
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This new platform performs well in technology and user experience. However, it could improve in game variety and customer support. As a lottery enthusiast, I look forward to seeing its growth and improvements.

Aarav Patel, author and Editor in Chief at

Is Lotto999 Legal and Safe in India?

LOTTO999 banner
LOTTO999 banner

As an experienced Indian online lottery enthusiast and critic, I understand the common concerns, such as “Is Lotto999 legal and safe in India? Will I actually receive my winnings?” These questions are particularly relevant for those seeking alternatives to local Indian lotteries.

In this review of Lotto999, I aim to provide clarity on its legality and safety as an option for Indian players. A crucial aspect to consider is licensing, and Lotto999 checks this box, having operated legitimately online since 2024, marking a decade of legal operation.

While I cannot pinpoint the exact time Lotto999 became accessible in India, it currently offers its services with secure payment methods and has established a positive reputation locally. As a result, Lotto999 is considered legal and safe in India, meeting minimum safety requirements related to payments and personal data protection (SSL encrption) and maintaining a good reputation. I have personally tested the other features of Lotto999 in this review.

Why We Recommend Lotto999

  • Trustworthy Security: The use of HTTPS encryption to protect user information is reassuring. After all, security is paramount when dealing with financial transactions.
  • Bilingual Interface: Offering interfaces in both Hindi and English is a significant advantage, making it accessible for a broader range of Indian players.
  • Attractive Promotions: As a new platform, get free bonus upon registration! Start your gaming journey, no need for any deposit, instantly enjoy a surprise grand giveaway!
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive and friendly interface is a pleasure to navigate, even for beginners.
  • Support for Local Currency: The support for Rupees is a major convenience for Indian players, eliminating the hassle of currency conversion.
  • Quick Withdrawals: Being able to withdraw funds within one working day is commendable.

What We Dislike About Lotto999

  • Limited Game Selection: Compared to more established platforms, the selection of games on this new platform is somewhat limited. Hopefully, more games will be added in the future.
  • Few Payment Options: The diversity of payment methods is one of the key factors in attracting players, and this is an area where the platform could improve.
  • Customer Service Could Be Better: The live chat support is not available 24/7, which could be frustrating for players in need of immediate assistance.


1 STEP 1: Click the person-icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen,and click Login.

lotto999 sign up step-1
2 STEP 2: Click the “Create Account” just beneath the login section for existing players.

lotto999 sign up step-2
lotto999 sign up step-2
3 Step 3: Enter the mobile number and password you wish to use with Lotto999.

lotto999 sign up step-3
lotto999 sign up step-3
4 STEP 4: Once your account is confirmed, you can make your first deposit and buy tickets to bet on the outcome of lottery games!

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to do it in just a few minutes:
  • Sign up to Lotto 999
  • Click one of the lottery draws listed on the home page
  • Choose your favorite lottery numbers, or accept the random selection
  • Complete the payment of your first tickets using a VISA or Mastercard
  • All that’s left to do is wait for the draw!


When logging in, open the deposit button below



1 STEP 1: Log in to your LOTTO999 account and open the menu.

lotto999 sign up step-1
lotto999 sign up step-1
2 STEP 2: Tap the “Withdraw funds” button.



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